About Us

Committed towards improving Handwriting skills and teaching Calligraphic Art.

Art Point School of Calligraphy and Fine Arts is striving to spread fine arts knowledge, especially Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy Training since 40 years in Pakistan.

We promote exquisite calligraphy by realizing the significance of handwritten knowledge whether in Arabic, Urdu or English using our syllabus and creative activities.We train hundreds of students each year and in the past three decades we have imparted this specialized skill to thousands of people, including students, teachers and professionals.

Huge number individuals have so far been benefited from these sets of syllabus and are performing much better in their respective fields. Out of the rest, the most beneficial are the students, who have not only improved their handwriting but also improved their academic performances and some students even have got special certificates on their handwritings.

The Problem

Unfortunately, in English medium, focus is only on teaching syllabus in English and hardly any dedicated effort is used to better the handwriting of students. In some schools handwriting improvement is tried through Writing Series. It is, however, observed that this effort does not offer required results in the absence of an expert. Therefore, handwriting of majority of children is usually very bad and it remains the same for rest of their lives.

Need of the hour, for both teachers and parents, is to try to improve Urdu and English handwriting of the students, which cannot be done without a teacher. It is also observed that many intelligent students do not have notable handwriting skills despite securing top positions in their career. More worrisome is the point that teachers too do not have best handwriting themselves! It is a practical observation that sometimes even the students cannot read clearly the handwriting of the teachers on boards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impart the best handwriting skill in minimum span of time to individuals from any background, through teachers’ workshops and in-person classes by which students will be able to succeed in their respective professions using this skill effectively in their practical life.

Our teaching methodology is simple and structured with a practical step-wise syllabus for both English and Urdu handwriting which has been prepared under the supervision of very experienced teachers. This course helps in training every individual from different professional backgrounds.

Parents are highly satisfied by the results of their children performance, Students around the globe get benefited from our syllabus for their whole lives, Teachers get handwriting training workshops in order to further train their students effectively and Professionals impress their colleagues and management. In short, this simple, practical yet and all-rounder syllabus of Urdu and English handwriting is beneficial for individuals of any age.

The course can be learned in groups, individually or in-person classes, distance learning facility through online classes is also available.