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Power of expression is the distinguishing factor between humans and other creations of Allah. Speaking power is natural but for writing on needs a teacher, and this is a universal truth of all ages. Therefore, learning good writing skills is imperative in achieving one of the Man's basic abilities.

To know grammar, use knowledge and observe nature are necessary for any medium of written expression in any language. If one's handwriting is eye-catching, the value of expression in creases many folds. That is why Hazrat AH (A.S) said, "Writing is half of knowledge." Thus writing helps and eases the journey to knowledge

With the guidance of teacher, man moves step-by-step forward in his pursuit of knowledge. Writing is no exception. It also needs an expert for learning. In fact, good writing is like a beautiful dress to an expression. The better it is the betterone looks like. Hence one must keep improving his writing.
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Prophet Muhammad (S.A. W)
says: "Allah created PEN first among all material things." This clearly shows how much importance is laid by Islam on writing. Ancient scripts were inscribed on stones. Earliest known shape of pen was formed from a feather of Ostrich. With evolution of civilization, shape and use of pen continued to improve continuously. On one side man progressed from stone to leather to paper and on the other, from pen made from hollow wood, he now has Fountain Pen and Ball Point/Marker.

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It was generally believed that good hand writing was possible only by wooden pen. Art Point has changed this concept by improving the hand writing of thousand of students/people through Fountain Pen. Art Point teaches hundreds of students each year and in the last three decades has imparted this specialized skill to thousand of people, including students, teachers and professionals.

The most important specialty of Art Point is to impart better hand writing skill in minimum of time span. Students use this skill very effectively in their practical life. Not only they got better marks in their exam but this skill can help them in career progression.

Art Point teaching methodology is simple, structured and practical. Parents are highly satisfied by its performance. Students benefited from it for whole of their lives. Teacher can train / taught students better. Professionals can impress their colleagues and management. In short, this simple and practical syllabus of Urdu and English hand writing in beneficial for person of all ages.

The course can be learned in groups, individually or in classes. Distance learning facility through mail is also available.

Art Point is busy in spreading fine arts knowledge, especially Handwriting Improvement and Training. It will continue to perform its duties through this (Arabic, Urdu, English) syllabus and other creative activities.

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