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Jamal Muhsin

My name is Muhammad Jamal Muhsin and I belong to a family that possesses a century old contribution in calligraphy including imparting the knowledge to a large number of students in Pakistan and abroad, who has the aspiration to learn this beautiful art.

My father, Ibne Kaleem Ahsan Nizami, has the singular distinction to add a Khatt (writing style), Khatt-e-Ra'ana in calligraphy after a gap of 700 years. This is the great effort of its own kind in sub-continent and has opened up the new avenues of learning for calligraphy students, in times to come.

I am teaching handwriting for over a quarter century. The book in your hands, My Cursive Writing, is the result of my 25 years effort, knowledge and experience. I have tried my level best to make it a complete and comprehensive Hand Writing Book leading to a full Series. Based on my practical experience, it can surely be said that by adopting step-by-step approach of My Cursive Writing. Any student from Class I to Masters, or any person from age 6 to 80 can learn and improve Hand Writing.

It is a pity and known fact that Hand Writing of students studying at same levels hardly matches with each other. There are a lot of reasons for this, foremost being lack of any proper and uniform hand writing series.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, I have tried to make it easy for the students by using pointed techniques with directions in explaining dimensions of the alphabets, this will not only help students at all levels but assist teachers as well.

I am sure that writing of students of any particular class studying together can be same in a single academic year if this book is followed and made part of syllabus. At the end I am thankful to the Gracious Allah, Who by the blessings of His beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) has made it possible for me to move ahead under the guidance of my parents, family, elders and teachers. I am also indebted to many of my friends and patrons, who were always a source of motivation and encouraged me to keep track in difficult times to complete this series.

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