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Calligraphic Books :

“TAREEKH-FUN-E-KHATTATI” (published 1977) or history of calligraphic art; which is about the history of calligraphic styles from start up to the creation of “NASTA’LIQ” and KHAT-E-RA’ANA”.

“NAQOOSH-E-RA’ANA” “MORAQ-E-KHATTATI” (published 1978) this includes the history of the seven styles.

“JALWAT-E-RA’ANA-E-KHATTATI” (published 1981) includes Verses of Holy Quran conceding with the poetry of the great poet ALLAMA IQBAL designed in “KHAT-E-RA’ANA” along with details of calligraphy.

“QALAM-AUR-EHL-E-QALAM” (published 1986) consists of the arts created by the outstanding calligraphers of the subcontinents Indo-Pak, along with the comments on their art and the details of exhibitions held by the “DABISTAN-E-FAROGH-E-KHATTATI”.

“COPY SLIP NASTA’LIQ” (published 1988) is the basic informative manual of “KHAT-E-NASTA’LIQ"), very useful book of the students of calligraphy. It contains of traditional rules, principles and basic concepts of calligraphy.

“MORAQQA-E-RA’ANAE” (published 1993) the book includes; eleven simple and composite taqtees of the calligraphic styles “NASTA’LIQ & RA’ANA”.Rules and principals of the both styles. Master pieces of calligraphic arts designed in the seven as “Towam” manner.99 names of “ALLAH” (J) designed in “KHAT-E-RA’ANA”.

“MAHASIN-E-KHAT-E-RAN’ANA” discussions about “KHAT-E-RA’ANA” intellectuals all over the world.

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